Naomi LaViolette

by Naomi LaViolette

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Self-titled debut album


released January 27, 2012

All music and lyrics written by Naomi LaViolette.

All songs produced by Dean Baskerville, except "Words Or Not", produced by Dean Baskerville and Jeramy Burchett

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dean Baskerville at Jackpot Recording Studio, Dead Aunt Thelma's Recording Studio, Kung Fu Bakery, and Baskerville Recording Studio

Graphic design by Krissy Gilhooly at Potassium Design, Photography by Annie Schilperoort at Your Life Documented Photography

Two songs from the full album not included here: "Our Love Is Here To Stay" by George Gershwin; "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell. Order physical CDs of the full album at



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Naomi LaViolette Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon-based songwriter, pianist and vocalist Naomi LaViolette has found her niche in the marriage of two worlds: folk singer and jazz soulstress. Combining otherworldly Sarah McLachlan-like vocals with the soul of Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones’ understated elegance and Ingrid Michaelson’s playfulness, LaViolette’s songs demand your attention. ... more

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Track Name: Words Or Not
I won’t try to be too deep, I won’t try to be profound
I’ll just try to bare my soul, and hope that somewhere you can be found
I’m not interested in mere words, I don’t feel like I have a point to make
I just want to communicate. I hope that I will have what it takes

Why is it so hard to put my heart on my sleeve?
What can I say, when you already know what’s on my heart?
I try to find just the right words for you
But what can I say, when you already know what’s on my heart?
Just love me for who I am, words or not

I’m looking for some light, why is the world so dark
I’m standing on a rock, but the ground around me is trembling
Still I will find my heart right in the palm of your hand
And I’ll read between these lines, maybe someday I’ll understand
Track Name: Hey Yeah
Day dreaming, rainbows streamin’, the sun’s shinin’, and rain’s pourin’ down
I’ve been out all day in the waves to play, I’ve been workin’ life’s problems out, yeah, workin’ them out

I love the mountains, snow capped fountains, up on the top of the world, so round
And an open sky with a starry night, where silence is the only sound, yeah, the only sound

And I say hey yeah, it’s okay, we’re all like the wind and the rain
And I say hey yeah, it’s okay, I’m just tryin’ to find my way, find my sunny day

Church bells ringin’, the choir singin’, the holy Spirit, fallin’ all around
People clappin’, baby boys laughin’, pretty little girls spinnin’ in their gowns, yeah, they’re spinnin’ around

Those sunny days with their sunny rays
Can sometimes seem few and far between
And so far away, gotta get through the day
There’s gotta be one when this storm is done
I just gotta keep lookin’ ahead
Track Name: Love On A Rainy Day
Sometimes the sky opens up
And seems to dump all it’s rain at once
And the sky comes pourin’ down
Well I won’t be alone in the storm
You’ll bring a jacket to keep me warm
And you’ll take my hand when it’s getting cold

You give me love, on a rainy day
And you give me strength to chase my fears away
Come and hold me close when I need it most
Come and give me love on a rainy day

Sometimes life is broken and cold
And the lines on my face say I’m getting old
And it feels like I’m draggin’ at the end of the day
So I come back to where you are
You take me in, say we’ve come so far
And you know, it’ll be okay

Let there be a little peace, let there be a little prayer
Let this dream become what it was meant to be
Cause its where I belong

Let the rain fall, down on me
Track Name: My Superman
You make the coffee, and I’ll water the flowers
Then let’s read the paper, and lay around for hours

‘Cause when you take me by the hand
Love me the way I am
I’ll be your angel, you’ll be my superman

Say let’s go strollin’ with your arm around me
Right under your shoulder I’ll fit quite nicely

I won’t really notice when your hair turns gray
‘Cause I will wake up next to you every day

So let’s write our names in the sand
And hire a wedding band
I’ll be your angel, you’ll be my superman
Track Name: Fragile
Our children, with tiny hands, and beautiful, innocent eyes
What will they discover when they look to the skies?
Should we offer them something when their world starts to break
Or just let them grapple with what to leave, what to take?

We’re all looking for someone, or something bigger than the stars
And somehow we know how to breathe in and out
And oh how fragile we are

We’re taught to use our minds, then connect them to our hearts
With plenty of prophets telling us right where to start
And so we struggle on with what’s been handed down
Is there anything, anything, anything new to be found?

When grace lights the darkest place, and we fill our children with love
Not everything is meaningless under this blazing sun
Track Name: Somewhere New To Stand
Reaching out, reaching in
Not really sure just where to begin
Here I am still holding my shoes
I’ve got nothing to lose

When all of life seems to fall apart
And all I hear is the break of my heart
That time when nothing feels real anymore
And I’m at an open door

Gotta find somewhere new to stand
These things I’ve held so tight in my hand
Somehow I knew they would one day break
And now that I am finally awake
I gotta find somewhere new to stand

I’ve got my shoes on, I’m tying the laces
I’ll run on out to the open spaces
Fill my lungs, take a deep breath
Feel this pain, feel this death

All those places I’ve been torn
Yeah it’s time for all of it to be reborn
I can’t go back to where I was before
‘Cause its not there anymore

Here I go, I’m runnin’, and I’m bringing all my brokenness
I’ll pound it out, yeah runnin’, to somewhere I can lay down this mess
Come on, gotta keep runnin’, to somewhere filled with fire
That doesn’t burn, but takes these cracks and tears, and fills them up with light
Track Name: Let Me Love You
I can tell you’re not used to closeness
But here we are, stuck in all this
Life woven together, somehow
You try to be strong, so you guard your heart
Then it falls apart

Let me in behind the wall, let me love you
Your strength won’t last forever, let me love you
And although you won’t believe you were made to be loved
Oh let me love you

I can tell you mean to heal this
You’re trying to build a bridge between us
But you come up short, so you give up hope
Then you hold me at bay, oh don’t leave it that way
Cause I’m yours, forever yours

I have a dream of all we could be
And right now it seems like a fairytale
Won’t you lay down your shield, and who do you see?
Track Name: Bright Eyes
In the sky sleeps a star
In the garden sleeps a rose
In the sea sleeps the moon
They all dream in endless sleep

It’s time to sleep now my little one
See the stars and moon close their eyes
Your bright eyes are feeling quite heavy
As I sing to you a lullaby

Your sweet dreams call to you
Oh my love, with those bright eyes
Track Name: Ocean
It has its own song, so many droplets of water
Joined to make music, joined to teach me how it goes
The crashing of a wave, a continuous rhythm
With a hidden melody, it sings to me

And I know I’ll find you there
I’ll find you in the vastness
And I’ll know your love more deeply than I’ve ever known before
Surrounded by its song

Along the horizon there is a storm
And I hear the ocean join the sky
And what is their song as waters collide before my eyes
They sing of someone beautiful

Hold me now, may I feel you as I feel the water
Teach me how to find your love in the song
And I’ll sing with the ocean over and over, its song
Track Name: Firelight Heart
Flames on the inside shining through these scars
Moments laughed or cried are kindling in the fire

Though it’s torn and mended on the outside
Like a burning bush it’s not consumed

‘Cause inside of this heart is all firelight, firelight
And firelight makes this heart shine
Firelight makes this heart shine